Ayla Nereo

“One of the most poignant voices currently floating about… Ayla Nereo is an otherworldly artist who shares the fruits of her soul.” ~ The Huffington Post

“[Ayla’s] relationship with the earth is imprinted in her music… expansive and intriguing.” ~ Billboard

Ayla Nereo‘s voice hits straight to the heart. With an array of loop-pedals by her side, she builds layer upon layer of vocal melodies into fierce, sweeping harmonies and weaves syncopated threads of guitar, kalimba, piano, and percussion into each live performance. Her lucid storytelling and lyrical imagery are water for the thirsty soul; words and sounds that crack open the heart, and embody the many folds of our own selves.

Raised on opera, 60s folk, and psychedelic rock, Ayla’s music touches both the timeless and modern; where prayerful circle songs, mantra, and roots music meet ancient beats and folktronica. Crafting an immersive soundscape we can dive into, Ayla’s performances are each their own inspired journey; an enchanting and poignant experience that holds you by the heart and doesn’t let go.




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Through a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change Yaima’s second album “OvO” offers audiences a state-of-the-art conceptual experience. “OvO” immediately captivates the listener with an over-arching and enchanting story line that portrays the simple life cycle of a seed. The prominent motif of the Seasons weaves the album into perceived chapters, each section reflecting themes, lessons and impressions opportune to it’s season. “OvO”means “seed” or “egg” and stands for the point in time or space at which something starts- the next evolution. The Owl appears on the cover art as well as in the title “OvO” and represents the elemental energy of the Wind. Owl stands for the truth and the ability to navigate through the darkest night by finding and listening to the wisdom and light from within ourselves. OvO’s overarching theme of the cyclical nature of life creates a sense of deep connection to the music that listeners around the world have been keen to rediscover each time they listen to the album.

Finding their niche within the Transformational Festival and Yoga Community, Yaima’s music has gained great acclaim throughout North America with concerts and festival appearances in Quebec, Vancouver, Washington, Oregon, California, North Carolina, West Virginia, Vermont, Colorado, and New Mexico. They have been continually supported and sustained through their community of backers, Kickstarter Campaigns and Online music sales. Their first album “Pellucidity” was released in 2014 through The Polish Ambassador’s label- “Jumpsuit Records” and quickly became well known and loved throughout the Sacred Music Community along the West Coast.

Yaima’s music was designed to weave heartfelt storytelling and rich organic instrumentation with finely produced compelling beats

 as a collaboration between Producer & Sonic Architect Masaru Higasa and Folk Lyricist & Storyteller Pepper Proud. Their live performances have grown to include multi-instrumentalist Jeff Kimes, Bassist Mark Dalton and many other talented musicians. Yaima’s performances have been remarked to “lead the listeners on a Journey” and whenever possible the music is accompanied by Visual Projections by Kaizen (Everett Keithcart) as well as interwoven Dance performances & Poetry (supported in the past by Kirra Lien, Jamilia Honeybear, Chrysef Honeybear, Aleah Robbins and Zepto Space).


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Jah Levi


Originally from Philadelphia, JAH LEVI, the son of record producer and world renown folklorist Kenneth S. Goldstein, first learned guitar from the late Rev. Gary Davis in the 1960’s, and later learned bass guitar as his “main” instrument. After studying music with many great master musicians and teachers, he majored in Ethnomusicology and world music studies. A trained herbalist and acupuncturist, he is “livicated” to proliferating consciousness through proper living “standing up to do the right thingJAH LEVI AND THE HIGHER REASONING, are world class musicians who are versatile enough to spontaneously perform all genres of music. His ability as a band leader is exemplified by the trust and loyalty of his group, several of whom have been with him since the group’s beginning and many who return (from the far corners of the globe) to perform year after year. They perform a unique blend of Reggae-Rastafarian music that is spiritually uplifting and fun to dance to. JAH LEVI founded THEOCRATIC RECORDS, one of the first independent reggae record labels in america, and JAH WORKS STUDIOS, the first solar powered digital (24-bit) recording studio in the world.

JAH LEVI has performed on the same stage with many reggae, folk and pop super stars such as: Ziggy Marley, Burning Spear, Ijahman Levi, Ras Michael, Culture, Israel Vibration, The Itals, Wailing Souls, Bob Dylan, The Persuasions, Peter Gabriel, Black Uhuru, Andrew Tosh, The Wailers, Hamsa Lila, Lost at Last, etc. He has also performed at festivals worldwide such as: the Glastonbury Festival in England, the Philadelphia Folk Fest, Reggae on the river, and the Seattle Hemp Fest and has played a large majority of the major music venues in North America. He has enjoyed chart action with his music on radio and Television around the world.

He is a world class musician with over 20 albums out, and 25 years of touring and performing his unique blend of Reggae / world fusion worldwide. He is well known for his abilities as a band leader, and is an independent music producer and engineer as well. His music continues to influence people with a powerful synergy of uplifting music and thought provoking lyrics, truly medicine for the hungry and afflicted soul, spreading a message of love and unity for all beings.


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Youssoupha Sidibe


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Sasha “Butterfly” Rose

Sasha “Butterfly” has been immersed in music since a young age. With a background in acoustic music, she started playing guitar at age 14 and began writing her own music and lyrics. She began playing with the band Freedom Tribe at 17 and played the festival circuit up and down the west coast, hawaii and Australia. When she was 20 she began the Sasha Butterfly band, who continued to play mainly the festival circuts. The influences in those years were huge as she branched out to be the background singer for acts such as Jai Uttal and the Pagan love Orchestra, Prezident Brown, Hamzalila, Tina Malia, Shimshai, Jah Levi, and Blayne Lyon. She also began appearing with acts such as Zilla (members of String Cheese), and The Everyone Orchestra. Many worlds were bridged through her music. She can perform as either an acoustic trio, A full funky band, or a solo electronic act. All with the common thread of her soulful, angelic vocal style. She has played at festivals such as, Earthdance, High Sierra, The Oregon Country Fair, Health and Harmony, Whole Earth, Symbiosis, Emergensee, The Arlington Garlic Festival, Reggae on the River, and many more. The music is a soulful gypsy fusion of rich melodies and funky beats, with a common theme of conscious lyrics and a voice to soothe your soul.


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FREEDOM has been a favorite at festivals for many years. In addition how celebrated Freedom and his music is, the other members of his previous incarnation comprising “Freedom Tribe” have included Sasha Butterfly, Tina Malia, Al Torre and Stephen Roush have all gone on to create other well-loved musical projects! You never know who might step in and join Freedom and with every configuration of his band Freedom brings it with potent medicine, transformation and a clear dimension of liberation and an experiential glimpse of how “we resurrect Eden lost with every song that we sung!”

Born in the Northland.
Here to Raise the Vibration.
We could give you a typical bio, drop names and tell you who he has played with and where.
Let’s just skip that part.
Freedom’s Music is Medicine.
Truly Undefinable.
Full with Beautiful Potent Poetry of True Substance and Relevance.
Ringing an Ancient Bell and Invoking Spirit Presence.
Freedom is Good for your Soul.
Be Here and Hear for Yourself.



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Mikey Pauker

Mikey Pauker is a Folk/World artist hailing from Oakland, CA. His music written in Hebrew, English and Sanskrit described as “Medicine Music,” is inspired by mystical teachings and spiritual experience and connects to people from all faith. Pauker has gained a significant following all over the world due to the publishing of his songs, features in TIME and radio play on KROQ and WFUV. Mikey has shared the stage with Matisyahu, Shamans Dream, Trevor Hall, Kaminanda, Tubby Love, Dustin Thomas, Cas Haley, Yo La Tengo, Idan Raichel, Yair Delal, Local Natives.
Now working with EDM icon Siren, and having just released The “SAGES EP ” he blends folk and reggae with electronic beats.  He has recently performed at Flow Fest on the Big Island w/ Tubby Love, Dustin Thomas, Mike Love, Shamans Dream. Having just performed at SXSW in Austin and Lucidity in Santa Barbara, he will be heading out on a summer festival tour this year.
Watch his new music video SAGES ( Featuring The Oakland Ecstatic Dancing Community):
SAGES Music Video

Mountain Medicine Live Music Video Directed by Grototote:

Here is a link to stream the SAGES EP:




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Matthew Human

In addition to being a gifted singer/songwriter, Matthew Human is also an outspoken proponent of small farmer’s rights and protecting the world’s food and water supply from big agri-business. His commitment to food justice and ending the corporate stranglehold on our crops is evident on such spirited anthems as “Clean Food” and “Monsanto Go Away,” which The Human Revolution played almost continuously on a 350 mile march from Brooklyn New York to Washington DC, culminating at the White House on international food day in 2011.


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Gabriel Wolfchild and the Northern Light

Singer-songwriter Gabriel Wolfchild beautifully fuses a range of raw acoustic sounds with the electricity of cinematic alternative rock in his debut EP, Mornings Like These. Intertwining his natural ability for poetic storytelling with intricate guitar, Wolfchild demonstrates the true meaning of Indie artistry. After finding success as a solo artist in his hometown of Seattle, Wolfchild sought the help of supporting musicians who would later become his band, creating Gabriel Wolfchild and The Northern Light. T

he EP, produced by Eric Lilavois (Saint Motel, Atlas Genius) and recorded at the famed London Bridge Studios, is inspired by both the beauty and the darker side of human existence, as well as the connections we make along the way. Wolfchild confides: “I think I can speak for most artists and say that the best ideas bubble up when you least expect it. Ultimately I believe inspiration comes when we are living a full life; the music that arises is just the tip of the iceberg.” Many tracks on Mornings Like These were written as an expression of a very deep love with a past partner, “a relationship that encompassed every season of change, a beautiful storm, with these songs being the dove in the darkness”.

Gabriel Wolfchild gained national media attention following a successful blind audition on NBC’s The Voice in 2015. After a taste of the limelight on The Voice, Wolfchild discovered that he is most nourished by sharing creative ideas with other musicians, stating: “I see music as a living, breathing entity that is forever evolving and finding itself deep in the hearts of millions of hardworking artists out there. That moment when one person’s idea inspires another is nothing but magic! Ultimately that’s what it all boils down to, being inspired and being an inspiration, that’s what being a successful artist is all about.”

Wolfchild’s ethic of using music to bring people together is charmingly reflected throughout the EP, with soaring soundscapes painting diverse sonic textures that enable all audiences to become immersed in the sound. The encompassing multi-instrumental music supporting Wolfchild’s soothing vocals gives listeners the opportunity to reflect upon their own experiences and ‘’connect with the deepest parts of themselves”.

Leading single “Shipwrecks” is a folk anthem of hope with beautiful layered melodies reminiscent of early Fleet Foxes. The heart-warming new music video for “Runaways” reveals a love song in it’s purest yet most powerful sense. Wolfchild sings “You are beautiful. It’s not just you in those shoes. It’s everyone you know, everyone you love, everyone who has broken your heart. Soulmates from the start, soulmates even after we depart.”


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Fantuzzi began his musical career in New York in the 1960’s. Since then he has steadily performed in numerous concerts, festivals, and events world wide. In addition to his songwriting and music, Fantuzzi leads workshops, and speaks publicly with a focus on teaching compassion and raising spiritual consciousness. As an activist, his mission is to promote world peace and to raise spiritual awareness. Fantuzzi’s music, found on his three albums Tribal Revival, Divine Inspiration, and Ease & Grace, span several musical styles including world beat, Afro-Funk, Reggae, Latin grooves, and Kirtan spiritual ballads and chants. Fantuzzi is known and loved globally for his vibrant musical concerts and loving spirit.

Fantuzzi has performed a major role in the Rainbow Family since the original Woodstock Festival in 1969, when he attended it, helped MC, and became the iconic Newsweek Magazine cover for the world changing music festival. It was during the Woodstock years that like minded individuals formed a global community dedicated to non-violence, spiritual consciousness, holistic health, free expression, and building loving relationships, based in equality, between all people. The ultimate goal then remains Fantuzzi’s mission today, world peace. This utopian movement has grown exponentially ever since… and has indeed brought positive change globally. A portion of this community eventually became known as the Rainbow Family.

Inspired by Woodstock and the Haight-Ashbury movement of the 1960’s, the Rainbow Family was conceived of in Oregon in 1970, during the Vortex I gathering that year in Estacada, Oregon, by Barry Adams and Garrick Beck. Fantuzzi was at the first Rainbow Gathering in Colorado in 1972, has attended all but two Rainbow Gatherings in the USA since. He brings music, love, spiritual consciousness and celebration to each gathering and is loved by thousands world wide.

The Rainbow Family are a significant part of Fantuzzi’s life. The Rainbow Family is an extensive community of like minded people. In 2011 he visited three Rainbow Gatherings; in Washington, USA, then with the European Family in Portugal and toward the end of the year in the beautiful Negev Desert in Israel.

Each time a person donates to Fantuzzi or buys his music, that donation goes to further the progressive mission of bringing world peace into reality. By traveling constantly, connecting with the global community of visionaries and those working to bring a better world into manifestation, Fantuzzi serves as an example of love in action. His heart centered service is an inspiration to many. When you donate, you further this mission.


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Chad Wilkins

Mystic Minstrel, Chad Wilkins, is an American/Australian singer-songwriter bringing heart-songs that reveal a better way for a generation in transitional times on our planet! From his lively, progressive grooves, to his deeply prayerful chants, spanning many genres, Chad’s rootsy folk anthems carry themes of love, gratitude, risk, honour, and pure vibrant LIFE(!) – giving voice to our cry for spiritual transformation, harmony with the Earth, and hope for a bright future.
Touring extensively, Chad’s performance style is unique and spontaneous – whether performing solo, with his full band, or anywhere in between, he guides his listeners through an interactive journey ranging from dancing celebration to mindful meditation to sing-along declarations.
Chad released his first full-length album “Show Us The Way Of The Heart” in 2014, and in 2015 his most recent release “This New Ancient Paradigm”, featuring the single “Live Love”.


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Maesyn is a singer-songwriter / violinist / music producer. She has been classically trained on violin and piano since the age of 4, & also plays guitar and whistles. She weaves fun funky beats with elements of classical, Pop, gypsy jazz, and folk into her own breed of slinky swingy cabaret. She alchemizes life reflections into song spells, singing her way home and embedding uplifting reminders of Truth into the subconscious mind.


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David Kai

Having grown up in a family of musicians in Southern California, David Kai was raised with both song and ocean in his heart and spirit. As a kid, David found his first musical love when he began playing the drums. He spent many years thereafter playing drums in punk rock bands, skateboarding on the streets, and surfing in the ocean. After high school, David followed the path of music which led him inevitably to the expansive universe of the Grateful Dead and those who followed. At this point, David had been playing the guitar for a while and was writing his own songs. Fully equipped with a free spirit and his guitar, David began traveling and hitchhiking all over the US, writing songs, meeting people, and paving his path. He finally landed in Hawaii, where he stayed for many years.

Through his journeys, David was blessed to connect with Native Tribal elders from both North and South America. These elders continue to share with him their teachings and songs through ceremonial ways and have taught him a way of life. These teachings have had a profound influence on David and his music.

David now lives in Southern Oregon and spends much of his time traveling, seeking the ocean, and sharing the spirit of his music.

His newest album, “AWAKE,” was released in January 2014.


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The Heartifact was born from the love shared between twin flames, who each remember the first time they laid eyes on each other. This sonic shamanic collaboration of Bri Summers & Rob Recker fuses elements of soulful hip-hop with a funky, island, folk twist and uses positive prayerful affirmations as the hooks, backed with tasty beat boxing. This desire to serve through sound and mantra became clear to both Rob & Bri in the spring of 2014, following a profoundly transformative ceremonial experience on Maui. Though they had both been musicians for years, they had been feeling largely unfulfilled in their musical expressions. It was only upon the clarity of their intention to produce songs of the heart frequency, songs of empowerment, that the hooks, melodies and riffs began to emerge. Since then it has been a constant practice for them to listen to their hearts and still their minds with the focused intention to continue on this path of protecting our planet, empowering our people, honoring our ancestors, and sharing our gifts. Thank you for listening.


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Haley Johnson

Even in the cluttered field of blues-inspired sirens, Haley Johnsen is not to be mistaken as just another one of the girls. A native Portlander and daughter of a drummer, Haley’s sound draws out the emotions of each note with impressive range, while her songwriting provides a candid glimpse at the joys and pains of young life.

Shy and fearful about her ability to sing when a child, Johnsen kept her obsession with finding the perfect harmonies to herself until her early 20’s. Like a whirlwind, she suddenly found herself cast into the national spotlight in 2012 when she captivated American Idol Season 11 viewers making it all the way through to the Top 24 semifinals before conceding. Haley has since been utilizing the steam from this experience and making waves throughout the Northwest as an independent singer-songwriter.

Her first EP, “Through the Blue,” is a playfully mastered farewell to lost love and youthful trysts. Her most recent single release “Feel the Water” is a step in a new direction instrumentally, while still possessing an emotional yet empowering atmosphere. Her versatile rock ensemble is lead with ease through a mixture of anthemic and melancholic original works, with an alternative rock appeal. Haley’s influences range from the eccentricities of bands like Radiohead and Pink Floyd; to classic, folk and indie-rock vocalists such as of Eva Cassidy, Nicole Atkins, Florence Welch and Brandi Carlile – all artists with a flair for the dramatic in their delivery.


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Awakening the illuminated Heart – a journey into the Sacred Space of your Heart

Join Viola on a deep experiential journey into your Heart and connect
with your Higher Self. We will discuss the work of Drunvalo
Melchizedek, Sacred Geometry and LightBody activation (MerKaBa) .
learn to live and create our life from the Unity of the heart, instead of
the duality of the mind. This is ancient teachings brought into modern
understandings, making it easy for us to connect to the Quantum
Sngularity within ourselves, within us all.

About viola rose

Viola Rose is a certified teacher of drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of
Remembering and facilitator of Awakening the Illuminated heart
workshops. She lives in Portland Oregon, travelling regularly
offering Drunvalos teaching of living in the Heart and activating the
Merkaba (lightbody). She brings her joy and enthusiasm to this
precious work.
Visit her website for more information:


Embodying Permaculture, Embodying Ecology, Generation Waking Up, Expressive and Healing Arts, Singing Alive: Awaken Your Songbird, Eco-Poetics and SomgWeaving

Embodying Permaculture
The Embodying Permaculture Workshop is an experience designed to integrate mind, body, heart and spirit with the values and principles of permaculture. As facilitators we will take participants through a journey of body centered awareness practices including transformational theater, embodied movement, guided music creation, vinyasa yoga flow, and guided visualization meditations activating the 5 senses and permaculture. We will engage in interactive games and exercises for each of the 5 senses. We will also facilitate a Solutionary discussion counsel where the participants will have the opportunity to share their vision of being a co-creative change-maker in a thriving sustainable community. When we are fully in alignment with our true selves as multidimensional beings, we develop a strong connection to ourselves, our community and our environment.

Eco-Poetics and Song-weaving:
Through this transformational co-creative process, we guide participants through a journey of free-flow writing and song sharing.

Generation Waking Up
The Generation Waking Up “Wake Up Experience” is a four phase journey that lays out the context of our current planetary situation and dives into a council of generating solution. These four phases are: 1) Who are we? (As individuals, as a generation, and as an inter-generational community) 2) Where Are We? (In regards to the ideal thriving, just and sustainable world wish wish to live in) 3) What’s going on? (Global Challenges) & 4) What has to change? (Solutions)
Through interactive exercises, discussions and activities, participants will gain an expanded awareness of our planet’s great story, and our part in it as active changemakers and solution generators.

More workshop offerings can be found here:!about3/c1mvz

About Robin Liepman (Bloom) and Anna Combi (Anahata)

Robin Liepman (Bloom) and Anna Combi (Anahata) are earth activist musicians, permaculture designers, and transformational paradigm shifters. They have facilitated countless community workshops, retreats, gatherings, concerts and permaculture action events together in North, South and Central America. They are co-organizers of Blooming Biodiversity Tour which spanned the West Coast Fall 2015, offering events that brought together communities in transformational celebration to learn and practice permaculture. They have both studied eco-psychology, herbalism, and expressive arts. They have completed the Earth Activist Training Permaculture Design Course taught by Starhawk. They were recently interns at Arkana Alliance, an indigenous rainforest activism organization in Peru, and are now back on the West Coast pollinating the regenerative paradigm through their expressive permaculture activist work.


Exploration of Psychedelics / Entheogens with Martin Ball

Join Author Martin Ball as he facilitates a forum on psychedelics and entheogens.

About Martin Ball

Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., is a writer, independent publisher, energy worker, visionary artist, and musician currently living in Ashland Oregon. In the spring of 2009 Martin underwent a profound energetic opening and transformation – the result of intensive work with entheogenic medicines and a year of profound self-exploration. The result is Martin’s articulation of what he calls the “Entheological Paradigm,” a Grand Unified Theory of all of reality from God to the direct experience of each human being, which he characterizes as an articulation of his view on “radical nonduality.” His approach is unique in that he sees the tension between duality and nonduality not as a spiritual or religious issue, but as an energetic issue that can best be addressed through the intentional use of powerful entheogens, such as 5-MeO-DMT. As such, his approach is thoroughly practical, straight-forward, and free of metaphysics, speculation, and attachment to spiritual or religious ideologies and mythologies. The result is a view of the nature of reality and the self that is challenging, liberating, and powerfully transformative, pointing to the true nature of being and personal responsibility as an energetic being.


Priestess Portal with Graell Corsini

Join Graell for a ceremonial adventure focusing on your connection to your body as temple and the land as temple.

About Graell Corsini

Graell Corsini is a devotional Priestess of the Goddess, a Mari-Morgan Clan member, workshop and retreat facilitator, Priestess birth and death attendant, goddess temple raiser, and a ceremonial dance performer. Her grounded practicality fuses with walking the Path of Sacred Living in a most epic Mythic existance. She raises the God & Goddess within you.

Graell is the Founder and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, USA and has supported raising Goddess Temples around the world. Graell has been intimately involved in the Goddess Conference of Glastonbury UK since 2006. She annually serves the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in any way needed, as well as Tempio della Grande Dea of Rome, Italy, both Temples are the first of their kind, in their location, to be rasised in over two thousand years.


Asha Download w/Asha Deliverence

Join Asha, founder of pacific domes, as she gives her straight from the heart download of inspiration and encouragement for our personal and collective growth. Asha is known for transmuting challenges into opportunities for transformation and has been an inspiration to many people for many years. We call her Asha Ma for a reason!

About Asha Deliverance

Asha Deliverance is committed to a life outside the box. As the founder of Pacific Domes, she is dedicated to the creation of a more sustainable future. She began her college education at 14 years old in Arizona, and became one of UCSC Farm Projects founders before the age of 20. It was at UCSC, now considered the Harvard of organic farming, that Asha constructed her first Dome on an old singer sewing machine. Over the next 15 years Asha constructed countless domes, while working as a Midwife. In 1980 the demand for Domes led Asha to start her own business, Pacific Domes. Asha continues to educate and surround herself with cutting edge ideas and thinkers, promising to create alternatives in technology, shelter, and design.


Compassionate Communications (with Scott Catamas & Emily Orum)

Join Scott and Emily as they guide us through the steps of compassionate communication and building healthy relationships.

About Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas is an EMMY Award winning writer/producer of Educational Television and Master Relationship Coach. His programs have been enjoyed by millions worldwide, and he has become a sought after speaker and workshop presenter. Having facilitated over 500 classes, events and workshops throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, Scott is now considered to be a Master Relationship Coach & Teacher . Personally coaching over 300 individuals, couples, families and small businesses, Scott’s work consistently develops and evolves in order to meet the needs of his clients. The co-founder of the Global Center of Compassion, he performs marriage ceremonies and leads bi-monthly retreats worldwide, for the LOVE COACH ACADEMY.

Whether he is speaking to a congregation, or providing keynote corporate events, Scott’s presentations are entertaining, inspiring and informative. He is flexible and skillfully adapts his presentations to meet the specific needs and interests of those in attendance. Often he invites other co-facilitators to join his events, whether local NVC teachers or experts in related fields. Through his LOVE COACH ACADEMY, Scott is training scores of other teachers to share and utilize his tools of COMPASSIONATE CONNECTIONS in their various fields of work and service.

Emily Orum, HHP, CMT is a Relationship Coach, holistic educator and facilitator, transformative speaker, sound healing and music pioneer, energy medicine practitioner, intuitive empath and singer/songwriter. Emily utilizes over 10 years of healing in a multitude of therapeutic modalities with numerous certifications including over 2,500 hours of body/ energy work and sound healing and counseling. ‘Founder and Facilitator of Refuge of the Womb: aligning and educating women to reclaim their sacred truth, power, and embody healthy, compassionate, loving relationships. She is an advocate of health, wellness, peace and social community activism. She is passionate about her work helping individuals re-pattern unhealthy patterns, habits, false beliefs and core woundings into catalysts for transformation, healing, and spiritual awakening. She is an avid singer & ceremonialist using music & sound to facilitate inspiration, restoration, and empowerment in the community.


Turning The Dharma Wheel

Turning The Dharma Wheel is a Musical morning Meditation Practice, Demonstrating Spiritual Practices and the Philosophy of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Yoga. Sharanam and Friends play a Flowing Live Music set on Ethnic Instruments that is used on Indian Style Raga music and American Folk Roots. The program consists of Breathing Meditation, Guided Contemplations, Philosophical Spoken Word, Mantras, Nada (Sound) Yoga, and Devotional Kirtan Chanting. Perfect for free form Yoga and TaiChi as well. It is very helpful for Individuals that are seeking or Maintaining their Individual Spiritual Path.

About Sharanam

Sharanam Anandama born in San Francisco 1952. Comes of age in the “Flower Power/Make Love Not War” Generation. A very lucky early participant in original San Francisco psychedelic music era. Passionate Vietnam war protester and Conscientious Objector, standing up against the war machine, and refusing to kill or be killed. In 1973 at major concert at San Francisco’s famous Winterland, Sharnam came under the influence of the late great Maharaji Neem Karoili Baba via Ram Dass, aka: Richard Alpert and his original band, Amazing Grace, whose members include, Bhagvan Das, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and other early spiritual seekers. At this auspicious meeting time and place Sharanam came involved with yoga, kirtan chanting, meditation, and the philosophies of Eastern religions Hinduism and Buddhism. From this point on Sharanam has been on The Spiritual Path, as a student, practitioner, musician, originator, and promoter of events featuring these arts. Founder of The Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa California, and producer of countless other gatherings that promote World Peace, Spirituality, World Music and Culture. In the present era, he produces, presents and facilitates spirituality practices at gatherings such as, Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, Beloved Festival, Oregon Country Fair, Good Medicine, Pranafest, and many others. In 2003 at age 50 as per Inner Direction of Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba, he was directed to meet his Living Guru, Mata Amritananda Mayi Ma, aka: The Hugging Saint of India, and has been under direct care and protection ever since then. The name Sharanam Anandma is a Sanskrit phrase that means” i take Sanctuary, Refuge and Protection in the Name Of, The Mother of Infinite Divine Bliss” In the modern era he leads meditation, Bhakti Yoga, and musical practices. Sharanam delivers Dharma Transmission, discourse on the subject of finding one’s Dharma, that is the individual Spiritual Path that will lead to the Liberation of Soul from samsara, the endless wheel of birth and death. Namaste…


Herbal Tonic Ceremony Sound Bath

We will gather together to deepen our intimacy to the present moment through music and herbs.
We will set the container through song then share an herbal tonic.
Tonic offerings have been alchemized to harmonize with the audio frequencies; uplifting and opening internal channels to motivate union between the spirit and body.
We use only organic or wild crafted herbs inspired by Aryuvedic, Chinese and western herbal philosophies.
We will then continue our journey through a meditation of sound. Blending an array of acoustic instruments such as tibetan singing bowls, world flutes, didgeridoo, guitar, violin and electronic instruments to create a rich container in which the process of self healing through molecular harmonization may occur.

About Shayna Crow and Wesley Parker

We have been hosting and facilitating some form of this sound bath ceremony for over 5 years. Sharing these at festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity and In’lakesh. We have offered this in many yoga spaces throughout the west coast and locally in collaboration with Rasa, Ashland Yoga Center and at private homes.


Forgive and Be Free, Forgive and Be Free of Your Addiction

Ecstatic, Radical Forgiveness is a profound opening for communion with Spirit. By deeply letting go, we enter realms of enlightenment. This workshop offers group exploration, silence, prayer, release of suffering and intimate receiving of divine light and inner guidance. There are treasures buried inside even our most difficult times. Find your freedom with forgiveness!

About Ana Holub

Ana Holub, MA is a writer, poet, counselor and addiction recovery coach. Her work includes teaching peace education in San Quentin Prison and with youth at Siskiyou Juvenile Hall. She offers workshops & sessions around the globe on forgiveness, recovery, peacemaking & emotional empowerment.

Ana’s book, Forgive and Be Free, offers step-by-step guidance for letting go to the deepest level and letting our Creator guide our life. The book, now in 6 languages, complements Ana’s guided meditation CD, The Healing Power of Forgiveness. For more information, go to


Cacao Ceremony

Love Chocolate? This Cacao Ceremony is supported by beautiful music, group singing and toning, quiet introspection, and integrative whole body breathing for boosting Jing energy (vital life force, immunity, energy).
Utilizing Indigenous Mayan Ceremonial Cacao and the intentions of our group field to heal, together we reveal internal connection and wholeness, and integrate new information gathered from the ceremony to affect each participant in a positive way.
This is heart medicine, and as the heart is connected to the whole system, it is medicine for connecting the whole system of one’s body, as well as helping the body/mind system to remember its connection to the Greater Whole.
Soul Pieces come together here.
We will be utilizing the tools of toning, sounding, and singing in this ceremony. You will also be welcome to simply receive the sounds of the space, if you aren’t in a space to tone or sound.
Safety is key in the healing process of the ceremony. Please plan on arriving on time and staying for the duration of the ceremony.

About Destiny Love

Facilitated by Destiny Love and Andrew Hanuman, founders of Ashland’s Cacao and Community Ceremonies, have hosted healing cacao ceremonies for five years. Destiny and Andrew are musicians, sound healers, and energy medicine practitioners. Andrew has a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, as well as being a graduate from Luminous Awareness Institute. Destiny is the founder of My Embodied Voice, a vocal healing modality, and is a very experienced yoga teacher, having taught for nearly nine years over 3,000 classes and workshops. They are located in Ashland, OR.


Yoga Offerings

Hatha Vinyassa Flow with Anna Combi

I am dedicated to opening the heart and cultivating deep connection to ones physical, spiritual and emotional bodies in my yoga classes. My classes are designed to empower, inspire and creating a healing flow that enables participants to drop in deep with their true nature embodying their connection to source, oneness with nature and liberation from trauma stored in the body. I integrate Iyengar alinements, breathwork and pranassage hands on assists. I focus on metaphors from nature, healing and releasing blockages. My classes are for people of all ages and at all skill levels. I help participants find modifications to meet their needs.

Two Vinyasa Practices: You will learn both a vigorous vinyasa, and a therapeutic vinyasa flow. From this balanced foundation, you will learn how to design your own vinyasa practices, creating a teaching style that is unique to you, while supporting the diverse needs of your students.

Nosara Yoga Vinyasa Flow: Created by Amba Stapleton out of her love of strong physical exercise, sweating and the movement of life force (or prana). This dynamic sequence of hatha yoga postures is linked together through rhythm and breath, and inspired by passionate music, creating a shift in brain wave patterns that lead to a shift in consciousness.

Taught by: Anna Combi

A unique blend of restorative and yin yoga with heart-opening live music.

Her class focuses on deep relaxation and healing using principles from therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, bhakti yoga and nada (sound) yoga. In Lullaby Yoga, Johanna gently guides participants through a series of deeply relaxing poses while singing to them. The music—a soothing blend of original and traditional pieces from a variety of global cultures—facilitates the healing process by providing a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself.

Johanna teaches Lullaby Yoga classes at world-class festivals and studios across the US. She occasionally leads a heart-opening kirtan followed immediately by an extended Lullaby Yoga cool-down. Johanna’s critically acclaimed Heart Beats One album and her forthcoming album Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul feature many of the original songs and chants that Lullaby Yoga have come to know and love. For more about Johanna, visit

For more about Johanna, visit
I always offer live music for my classes while teaching. The fusion of sound healing, Asana, Meditation, and devotional singing offers unique release.
Taught by: Johanna BeekmanI always offer live music for my classes while teaching. The fusion of sound healing, Asana, Meditation, and devotional singing offers unique release.

Taught by: Johanna Beekman

78 N Mountain Ave

I will offer a Gaia Yoga Class, this means the Yoga of sound. This class will be mainly conscious sound combined with a very simple hatha yoga. I will say the strenght of the class is the conscious sound and its a great practice to increase the frequency of our bodies. This practice was founded more than 20 years ago in Canada by Reine-Claire and Gaal from The Conscious Living School ( This couple have been devoted to the expansion of this amazing tool that its been channeled directly from the Source. Reine-Claire its been a breatharian for more than 20 years.

The vowel chant is the basic tool of Gaia yoga. This practice is an exercise of conscious sounds. Conscious sounds act on matter elevating the vibrational frequency of the human body and accelerating the cellular transmutation which is the basis of human evolution. The practice of this Chant, accomplished with the right awareness, brings about profound changes in human matter. Each vowel has a meaning and works like an specialist who carries out a precise job inside us. The Chant, arranged in a way that makes the vibration sing, without relying in a coherent system understood by the brain, provide the nourishment needed by the soul. Its fundamental principle is that it allows us to stop and consciously exit the whirlwind of energy in which we normally live. This time of rest offers us the opportunity to pick up the pace by getting in touch with what which is greater than ourselves. It allow us to live in harmony with our life plan. It ensures the connection of our consciousness with a consciousness greater than us.

Taught by: Gala Luna

Visionary Artists

Martin Ball

As an artist, I enjoy working in various mediums including color pencil, pen, digital, and fractal art. Here you’ll find a sampling of some of my different styles and creations from multi-layered fractals and geometric designs to naturalistic renderings of birds. All of the artwork used in my books and CDs are my own creations, made over the span of many years. I tend to go through phases with art, where I spend some time, maybe even years, exploring a theme, and then long periods will pass before making any more art. Most recently, I’ve been exploring Apophysis and JWildfire to make rich fractal imagery and have also created a number of music videos with fractals using Xaos.

If you are interested in using my art for any of your own projects, please contact me at

If you would like to see some of my customizable art products (shirts, hoodies, mugs, prints, cards, etc.), visit my page on at


Brian Paul Smith

Brian Paul Smith is a digital artist based in Ashland Oregon. A lifelong interest in Art, Computers, Math and Mysticism have been fused together to manifest this one of a kind creative spark. His work is an alchemical exploration of light, color, symmetry, sacred geometry, and the mystical forms that manifest within the cosmic fractal landscape. Like cloud gazing, or a Rorschach test on steroids, Brian’s art beckons the imagination of viewer and reveals an endless array of faces and spirit beings that merge together into unified inter-dimensional windows. Soothing, Mesmerizing and unlike anything you have ever seen before, the images he creates will captivate and galactivate you.


Melissa Orion

Orion is a painter, singer, actress, writer, designer, and laughter enthusiast, currently stationed in Ashland OR.  She creates INSPIRING entertainment for all the senses. She is also the Captain of ‘A Street Car Named Inspire’, a mobile inspiration unit which catalyzes community creative potential.

‘Melissa Orion is a Professional Inspirer born of stardust and magic! She has honed the art of living an IMPROV LIFE and is dedicated to sharing her unique brand of inspiration with the far reaches of the Universe.’

Orion is a mother to an 11 year old boy named Zen and new baby, Jackson  They create many projects together in a self designed Home’scool, that entails travel, art, music and community service gifts.

Orion teaches classes in art and design as well as coaches individuals in living their purpose. 




Welcome to our Tickets page! Our Mystic Rising Family ReUnion event will be an intimate weekend journey with only 350 Weekend Passes that are All-Inclusive with Wellsprings Spa Access and Camping. Because of the very limited capacity of the Wellsprings we only have this limited number of tickets and are not able to offer day passes this year. We also are looking forward to going through a full weekend transformational journey deeper into community as we move through the weekend together.

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